How We Work...from the plain to the problematic
Every project is unique, with it’s own set of challenges.
Please call to discuss your particular needs:  (212) 627-8088.
Definition of Terms (magnification, depth-of-field, etc.)
Test Images
aaaaVery often you cannot imagine what your object or project will look like until you have seen it under high magnification, with beautiful lighting and surprising amounts of depth-of-field.  If we feel we can provide what you are hoping for, we will be happy to create a proof-of-concept image at a nominal fee.
The Difficult, the Unusual, the Unique
aaaaWe are equipped with a great variety of mechanical, optical and software-based solutions to deal with challenging subjects:
Fast moving
Polarized illumination
Much too large to fit under a microscope
Extreme three-dimensional depth
aaaaWe have a machine shop and an electrical shop to build supporting devices and fixtures, moving micro-stages and simple circuits for special lighting, triggering or power requirements.
Big Files for Big Projects
aaaaWe can create huge digital files for trade show and similar displays. These are not just interpolated 12-megapixel images, but are prepared from true 24- to 72-megapixel original files.  From these it is possible to easily produce 1gb RGB or CMYK files for printing that have extraordinary resolution and detail.
Your Place or Mine, Local or Worldwide
aaaaWe have worked with clients from San Francisco to New York, and from Germany, Switzerland and Great Britain. Products can be FedExed to our studio, and proofs and final images posted on a password-protected area of our website.
aaaaIf your product cannot be moved, or logistics suggest more efficient success at your facility, we can set up much of our equipment anyplace in the U.S. or Canada
Custom-Built Systems with Training for your Staff
aaaaIf you have a need for ongoing close-up photography, macro photography , or photomicroscopy of similar objects over a long period of time, we will be happy to assess your needs, design a task-specific system and train your staff.
Presentation Assistance
aaaaWe can integrate the newly-created images into a PowerPoint presentation with appropriate text and diagrams, or make Flash movies for your website. Complete videos, with narration and music are also available.
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